Division H – Club Growth Director's Message
TM Shoaib Asghar

Self-development is an action, we have to take action in order to take ourselves forward in life. There will be obstacles and there will be challenges, we have to focus on our outcome we desire. I believe Division H is a true awesome example how massive action can make a big difference. We always talk about making a difference in others life but how many of us take action. I am grateful to Division H wonderful team under the leadership of Dynamic DTM, Krishna Saini for their support & with a great Start.

Our Mission for this year is to support our Area Directors to add at least one Club in their Area and keep continuous support to achieve President Distinguish Status. Retention of club members is also of one of the important area where we need to focus during this time of pandemic, we are planning to arrange some trainings for VP – Membership to get some new ideas & ways to keep Club members motivated. Keep growing, Keep thriving and stay blessed.

Division H – Club Growth Director
Shoaib Asghar