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Consequently, there will be an improvement in investor confidence. I joined that project as Investment Advisor for providing consulting services aimed at developing the company and improving the attractiveness, overall impression and reliability of the project. I also help the project connect with potential investors and attract of investments, using my own contacts and databases. Our team combines a passion for the creative industries like writing, design, film & TV with expertise & proven track-record in finance, data science, crypto & blockchain, marketing & PR. The platform also allows for collaboration on ideas, connecting with industry veterans and well known-figures to support new talent, but also serves as a job board and searchable database.


Further, the stakeholders will be available to track spending and revenue in real time. Breaker is a blockchain entertainment studio specializing in the creation of software that allows creators to distribute and manage rights using smart contract technology. The platform will handle the tv and film creation and distribution processes completely, from project funding, to rights management and peer-to-peer distribution and revenue sharing. They also will create and distribute original content that, in part, serves as proof of concept. The What is ephelants360 project would comprise of software solutions developed on hybrid distributed ledger to serve as a content production platform covering all the steps involved in content production i.e. content conceptualization to distribution.

They will also be used to pay for subscriptions, tasks, and jobs. Smart agreements practice the essential technology to mechanize errands on the contentment of certain situations. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin use the blockchain procedure to adjust what quantity of money is being relocated concerning parties and when.

Prizes, upvoting content and grading profiles “paid” with tokens will incentivize the community. It is claimed that this model of comprehensive transparency will convert an entertainment industry first, given that treasured statistics to aid inventors to create improved content. The blockchain is a spread out digital record that bids a system to confirm and record communications overprotected, encoded boards. Those who adopted https://cryptolisting.org/ in early bring much-required clarity of transactions to all kinds of trades. Currently, various individuals in the movie industry, with its complicated contract arrangements and frequently old-fashioned recording systems, are discovering possible requests. New-York centered extraordinary DTV has been using spread out apps to aid filmmakers to increase production money and then advance and allocate their content.

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The fundamental blockchain instrument advances itself to these errands by following the numerous contacts involved and submission a translucent ledger to the involved parties. Poised to enable regulation bodies and governments to identify and treat digital tokens and assets just as one would a normal share of a company, allowing for ease of movement and availability of institutional money across the blockchain industry . There’s no debate that the global regulatory nature and infrastructure surrounding ICOs is still up in the air, making for an extremely challenging landscape to navigate for projects, investors, backers, and buyers looking to raise capital. Today’s present ICO market has no guaranteed standard of quality for ICO providers. It’s expensive and slow moving, legally complex and confusing, and ripe with fraud.


The Ephelants360 platform will be hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain Network and the XEP tokens will be ERC-20 compliant tokens. Matching algorithm to search for projects based on the criteria set up by investor. IMPT.io IMPT is an extremely innovative project, offering a variety of opportunities for users to acquire…

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A blockchain-powered entertainment platform self-referred to as ‘the Netflix experience on the blockchain’, AlphaNetworks combines on-demand videos, pay-per-view content, and advertising while tokenizing the user experience. Powered by IBM Watson AI, the platform incorporates predictive analytics, smart recommendations, and substantial creator payouts as pull factors amidst a background of emerging blockchain video distribution platforms. Flexible, alternative pricing models and a range of video content types make this one of the more all-encompassing projects built on the blockchain to date. Tokens will also be used to pay for jobs, tasks and platform subscriptions. Flixxo allows users to earn their token, Flixx, by sharing their bandwith and storage space, distributing original content, or watching advertisements, and can spend the Flixx watching video content. Specializing in short-term video content, the Flixxo model leverages peer-to-peer content sharing in forming a community-based video distribution platform.

  • Generally, the beneficiaries realize blockchain as a novel model for guiding business in the trade that will familiarize superior transparency through a protected digital apparatus.
  • Specializing in short-term video content, the Flixxo model leverages peer-to-peer content sharing in forming a community-based video distribution platform.
  • Worldwide, the industry spends US$240 billion per year on buying content for broadcasting, this is a growing trend of 10% annually.
  • Chronic streamers are hesitant to spend their hard-earned cash on a $16 movie ticket and a $40 tub of popcorn.

Binance – Buy over 350 tokens in seconds with fees as low as 0% 0% FEES Spot, futures, options, NFTs, savings, staking, and Binance Card. Report to moderator There are several different types of Bitcoin clients. The most secure are full nodes like Bitcoin Core, which will follow the rules of the network no matter what miners do. Even if every miner decided to create 1000 bitcoins per block, full nodes would stick to the rules and reject those blocks. Content is King, and would be much more profitable if the entire film industry would stop doing business the old-fashioned way.

All necessary applications for production teams would improve efficiency on a single platform. If you have any concerns about the nature, propriety or legality of this token sale or the persons involved in it please contact with detailed information about your concerns. Very commercial project with a serious and well planned out team to boot.


He is especially interested to see how blockchain will intersect with the law, and its effect on traditional legal assistance and services. The concept of this project is something unique considering the current entertainment industry trends. The team are composed of international people with great experience. KYC passed and MVP is done which considered this project as great and well planned. Looking forward to see the development of ephelants360 project. The use of the smart contract in the project will bring the much-needed data transparency in the film and TV production system.

The value of the currency is determined by several procedural features as well as its dearth, usefulness, and worth allotted by a number of interactions. Deployment of blockchain technology to maintain transparency and ensure that documents are not tampered with. The ephelants360 ecosystem would work as content distributor to ensure projects gets properly distributed. And, before the mass adoption and use of cryptocurrency and digital assets , the general public is going to need something they can physically grasp, not mentally conjure and imagine. Simply put, Cryptyk’s dual security not only protects against internal and external threats to cloud storage, but viral, operational, and surveillance threats – making it the first complete cloud storage and security solution for enterprise.

The entertainment industry is responsible for all the films you love and hate, star-studded parties with red carpets, and Charlie Sheen. 2) Access via the community members and submission platform to producers and directors looking for new scripts. Ephelants360 is a project that will disrupt the entire film industry by making it easy for all parties involved to play their role. It will now be easier to raise funds for any project under the new platform. Once launched, the project will bring enormous benefits to all those in the film industry.


A team of skilled professionals has already dedicated a huge amount of their time and knowledge in order to make this happen — and we will continue to do so. With participation in the bounty campaign, you can become a part of the ephelants360 project. 5) ephelants360 serves as a content distributor to ensure projects get the required distribution. 2) “Investor” recommendations via machine learning, personalization of risk parameters will results in increased confidence.

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The e360 team aims to democratize the film and television production process. Ephelants360 is a software solution developed on a hybrid distributed ledger to serve as a content production platform from concept through to distribution. By applying machine learning we enable logic to persevere in selecting profitable screenplays, recommend investment opportunities based on user “profile” and behavior, improve recruitment and production teambuilding. Blockchain or distributed ledger technology enables information to be decentralized, providing deep insights whilst providing transparency where necessary. Ephelants360 is an ‘all-in-one’ platform aimed at providing a blockchain-centric spin on the television and film production processes. Their XEP utility token is the centerpiece for investing in content creation, production, and distribution.

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Through a communal network of nodes and peer streaming capacity, the network will leverage its members to provide a wide array of high-quality streams. A number of technically minded businesses have sprung up to solve the entertainment industry’s problems. Bright minds are inventing more equitable profit-sharing models for streaming services. They’re figuring out how decentralized investing platforms can offer a new way to fund films, TV shows, and short films such that the artist retains maximum creative control. Is an all-in-one solution to improve on each existing film & tv production system, making the entire content production process more streamlined, efficient & cost effective.

Ephelants360 is software that has been developed using AI and blockchain technology to replace the current content production process in all stages. Through the use of AI, logic will always persist in areas such as production teambuilding, recruitment, and choosing profitable screenplays among others. By decentralizing the content production process using blockchain technology, it will provide stakeholders live information and full control of the project they participate in, while enabling complete transparency.

Although the price of individual items vary per collection, each NFT is sold one at a time, at the same price. China’s box office is set to overtake the US in revenue by 2020. CargoCoin’s scope extends to everything transport-related, from the shipping industry (containers, bulk, etc…) to inland transportation , to air cargo , all the way to pipeline transport and space cargo.

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